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Wine in a Can

Coyote Moon Vineyards, located in the Thousand Islands region in Clayton, New York is embracing creating an experience with your wine. Now five of your favorite wines—Fire Boat Red, Fire Boat White, River Run Rose, Twisted Sister, and Moscato—are available in aluminum cans.

We know that wine is a special part of your life—it’s been there for you while you celebrated your successes, made memories with great friends, and gave you something to talk about during those awkward get-togethers. We are so proud that we have created a product that—let’s face it—is one of your best friends.

Being in the winemaking business, we get the joy of spending quality time with your wine before it goes home with you. We talk to the vines as they grow in the vineyards, we listen to the grapes whine as we press them, and keep a close watch on the wine fermenting in the tanks.  

What we learned may shock you! It’s against tradition but we feel that it is our responsibility to inform you of this revelation. Your wine’s glass bottle, cork, corkscrew, wine glasses, wine stopper, aerator and whatever other junk you have on your wine shelf are imprisoning your wine in your house. That may seem like the normal place for your wine. It’s where we’ve enjoyed our wine for generations. However, the spirits of the grapes in your wine were created in the beautiful rolling vineyards, and after harvest they are free to explore our beautiful world. Don’t keep your wine locked in your house. It’s time to break free of tradition. Let your wine take you on an adventure!

Just ask yourself, how many times have you left your beloved wine behind because it was just too troublesome to bring your wine and all that baggage with you? You convinced yourself that it would be fine to settle for cracking open a can of beer, didn’t you? It’s ok, we’ve been there too. Sometimes it’s out of your control—there are many venues that ban glass containers. We all know that bare feet and glass just don’t mix, so you had no way to bring your wine with you!

Coyote Moon Vineyards has worked tirelessly to ensure that you are able to enjoy great wine victoriously on the top of a mountain, lazily with your toes buried in sand on the beach, and easily while rocking out to your favorite band at an outdoor concert. By packaging your favorite wines in cans, it can break free, allowing your wine to go with you on an adventure!


We live, work and play in one of the most beautiful regions of New York State (if not the world) and we can’t spend our time indoors when there is so much of the world outside your windows to explore. Grab a can of your favorite wine and see where you wine takes you.

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Coyote Moon Vineyards' Wines in Cans are available in packs of four 250ml cans, equal to 1 liter of wine. This new, exciting product is available at Coyote Moon Vineyards' three locations and at select retailers throughout New York State.