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Mary Randazzo never thought she'd be a painter. Sure, her mother and aunts were painters, and yes, Mary got straight A's in High School art class, but painting seemed like a luxury for people who had plenty of free time. Mary didn’t have that kind of time. She was always working: helping her husband, Phil, grow their company in California.

Mary thought she was happy but it took one very honest friend to show her otherwise. "My friend sat me down one day and bluntly said 'You don't have any balance. You need to do things that bring you joy and happiness,'" recalls Mary. "I thought about her words and realized that yes, I was working too much. I needed an escape from the craziness of life." Mary knew at once that painting would be her escape. Before beginning her first piece, Mary studied numerous books, working to gain a better knowledge of different techniques. Over the years, Mary has developed her own method, resulting in beautiful, unique works of art.

The more Mary painted, the more her friends and family urged her to sell her paintings. “I didn’t know anyone would want to look at my art; I just knew I wanted to do it.” Mary has continued to amaze friends and strangers alike with her beautiful works of art, often depicting local historical landmarks and scenery. From the Clayton Opera House, to Calumet Island, to the Thousand Islands Bridge, Mary has used her artwork as a medium to preserve and celebrate the history of the Thousand Islands Region.

“I've learned so much through painting; it's an art that has made me grow. One thing I have learned is never throw out your unfinished pieces; you learn so much from them. Plus, you can go back and finish them later.” Just as Mary has gone back to complete unfinished pieces and fulfill her dream to be a painter, she urges you to do the same: "Take a break from work, and spend time doing what you love: we all need balance in our lives. Find what brings you joy and happiness in life and do it."

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