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For over 100 years the Randazzo family has been adding a touch of homemade red wine to the family's pasta sauce recipe. This old world tradition started in Collesano, Sicily when Grand Ma Randazzo began putting Papa's homemade red wine into their slow cooked pasta sauce. Our Casa Papa Pasta Sauce is made using a unique blend of Casa Papa Red Wine, the finest ingredients and the traditional slow cooked method to bring our special, full of flavor & taste pasta sauce to your table. Enjoy on pizza, lasagna, chicken and veal parm, meatballs, sausage or by itself with your favorite pasta dish. Also available is the Randazzo's Homemade Casa Papa Linguini. Made without preservatives and ready in three to eight minutes, it is a delicious addition to our Casa Papa Pasta Sauce.

After the successful launch of the Randazzo Family's Casa Papa Pasta Sauce and Linguini, Coyote Moon Vineyards expanded its line of food products with new recipes developed by Executive Chef, Christian Ives. Naked Chardonnay Peach Salsa has flavors of juicy, aromatic peaches dripping with flavor, and the subtle, deep heat of jalapenos, combine to bring to life our sweet heat peach salsa. Allow yourself the pleasure of savoring the sweet spicy simple complexity of our all-natural salsa. Our Twisted Sister Barbeque Sauce has hints of black currant, black cherry, and plum that tickle your taste buds while smoke and spice enwrap your soul. Lose yourself in the sweet tang as a touch of the old country is introduced to the new country through our Twisted Sister Barbecue Sauce, made with our Award-Winning Twisted Sister Wine. If you like to live life on the spicy side then you will love the intense sweet and tart flavors of raspberries with the zesty heat of fiery jalapenos as they enwrap your taste buds in our Razzle Dazzle Raspberry Jalapeño Jam.