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1) Purchase at least THREE bottles of wine at the time of enrollment.
2) Agree to purchase THREE bottles of wine four times a year. Shipping dates are February 1st, May 1st, August 1st, and November 1st. Here’s the best part - you get 15% off your entire purchase! We will bill your credit card (plus shipping charges) at the time of shipping. If you’re in the area, come by and pick up your wine on the listed dates and save on shipping!

Additional member benefits:
• Wine Club membership card
• Advance notice of new wine introductions
• 15% discount on purchase of 1-11 bottles
• 20% discount on purchase of 12 bottles (case) or more
• 15% discount on any purchase in the winery or online store, including stock items such as apparel, Mary Randazzo’s art, and wine related accessories
• Recipes for food pairings to complement our wines by Chef Christian Ives
• Free admission for you and one guest at events
• Early registration for other events, like Sweethearts Food and Wine Pairing. These events sell out quickly, so as a member, you’ll be able to secure a spot for yourself and one guest.

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Case Club

Benefits Include

  • Free wine tastings for case club members and guests at both Coyote Moon locations.
  • Free admission to our summer festivals and case club exclusive events for you and one guest.
  • Graduated discounts on cases.
  • 15% discount on bottles of wine every time you shop with us in store, online, or at any off-premise events.
  • 15% discount on all retail items, including Mary Randazzo’s artwork.
  • Food and wine pairings by Executive Chef Christian Ives to complement our wines

Case Club Details

  •  Within 1 year of joining, members must buy a second case at 15% off at one time.  Members must buy all 12 bottles at once, it cannot be a cumulative individual bottle purchase.
  • Members must buy 1 case of wine to join at 10% off.
  • Within the year, a third case is 20% off and the fourth case is 25% off.
  • If a member buys five (5) or more cases within the membership year they receive a 25% discount.  To maintain the membership they must purchase two (2) cases within each year of membership.
  • If the members fail to purchase the second case within one year of joining the club, they will be removed from the club and the discount reset
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Platinum Club

  • $55.00 / Shipment

Monthly Platinum Wine Club

$55.00 per month till you call and suspend or cancel membership.

$10.00 flat Shipping fee every month (3 bottle order)

15% discount on bottles of wine every time you shop with us in store or at any off premise events and any online orders other than your wine club order

We will pick the wines each month and send them directly to you.

 You will receive 20% discount on cases

 You will receive 15% off on all retail items

 You will receive FREE wine tastings including your guests at all Coyote Moon Locations.

 You will receive advanced notifications and be in the know on our most popular events and new releases.

 You will have free admissions to our summer and fall Festivals

 You will have free admission along with one guest to a Wine Club Member event to take place in August each year.

 You will receive food and wine parings suggestions each month highlighted in a digital newsletter.

 You can at any time call or email to cancel or suspend your membership. You will not receive any discounts or wine club perks during the time of suspension. You will not receive any discounts or Wine Club Perks when you cancel.

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COVID-19 Update March 22nd

March 21, 2020

Dear Valued Friends and Customers,
Coyote Moon Vineyards wants to thank you for your continued support by ordering online or calling to pick up. Your dedication to us is profound and we cannot be more grateful for you. In the days to come and days that are to follow, we are doing our best to keep up with the changes as they come. The Governor is doing his part to keep everyone home and healthy, so we want to help by providing you with some liquid comfort in these trying times.

We have been asked that we stop all tastings in our locations, and we want to do our part to practice safe social distancing. The good news is that we are an “essential business” which means that we can still provide our wines and pasta sauce to you. As of the last week, we are able to ship the products to you directly and/or you are able to call in to our store and we will bring it curbside to your car when you arrive. In an effort to keep you home and safe, we want to provide a home delivery service to bring you your favorite Coyote Moon Wines and Casa Papa Sauce. Yes, you heard that correctly! We want to bring you Coyote Moon Vineyards wine and Casa Papa Sauce right to your doorstep.

In order for us to deliver to you directly, the State Liquor Authority of New York has mandated a food item must be included in your order. We are able to offer you our Casa Papa Pasta Sauce as that item.

To place we need a 2 bottle minimum order and you must purchase a Jar of Casa Papa Pasta Sauce with your order.

All you need to do is:
• Call our main phone line 315-686-5600 and place your order over the phone.
• We will place your order, process your card over the phone, collect an address and phone number from you.
• We will drive your wine to your residence and call you when we arrive.
• We will verify your valid ID (you must 21 years of age or older).
• We will place the items on your doorstep.
Steps that we are going to take to ensure your safety and ours.
• Our delivery drivers are going to be equipped with hand sanitizer, gloves and masks.
• We will ask you to show us your ID through your Storm door.
• If you must extend it because you don’t have a storm door we will ask you to present it by holding it out or leave it to the discretion of the driver to validate it however they deem safe.

We will deliver between the hours of 12pm to 5pm daily. We will deliver within a 30-mile radius of Clayton and Watertown, NY. We will make considerations for anything out side the radius.

Coyote Moon Vineyards is doing everything they can to make sure you can have some kind of comfort during these times. Please call us with questions. We look forward to providing you this essential service. Thank you again for your patience and supporting our small local business.

Your Coyote Moon Vineyards Family,